CNC machining: how to choose the best material?


CNC machining is an ideal production method for parts and products used in a wide range of industries and applications; it offers design flexibility, high accuracy and precision, high operating speeds and many other advantages. However, like any other manufacturing process, it is crucial to choose the right material for the project.

Before choosing the material to be used in the production process, it is essential to take stock of the project requirements. Specifically, it may be helpful to answer these questions.

  1. What is the purpose of the part?

The end use of the part has great relevance in the selection of materials.

For example, the aerospace industry needs materials that are both light and strong to guarantee an optimal result.

Sector-specific regulations must also be considered in order to meet the required quality and safety standards.

  1. In what environment will it be used?

The environmental conditions to which a part is exposed can influence its performance in the short and long term.

For example, if the part is to be used in an environment with high temperatures, high levels of humidity or corrosive chemicals, it can be damaged if it has not been made from the right material to withstand these conditions.

  1. Does the part require high strength or heat resistance?

Strength can be measured in many ways (tensile strength, wear resistance, etc.), so it is important to determine the type of strength and the level of it required to select the material that has these characteristics.

Similarly, temperature requirements will exclude certain materials from the outset.

  1. What is the project budget?

Material costs very often influence the choice of materials because it is necessary to stay within the established budget.

The objective is to select a material that maximizes the desired properties and performance while minimizing expenses.

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