Vision and Mission

Artisan heart and spirit of innovation

GBZ was born from the passion of Gianluigi Gelmi and Angiolino Pedrali: for over 30 years we have been supporting a growing number of national and international manufacturers in the manufacturing of components and spare parts of the highest quality.

Now in its second generation, the artisan tradition in which our company has its roots has evolved thanks to the application of new technologies and a young and constantly trained team: today we are a highly technological laboratory where the artisan know-how makes use of the most innovative numerical control machines.

A versatile and reliable partner: solutions, not products

We are specialized in the production of components and spare parts for industry, from single parts to mass production, guaranteeing concrete and proactive support in the management of production and extra production processes.

We are aware that in order to meet the needs of those who choose us as a partner, it is essential to know how to solve problems that require skills applied in the field of manufacturing.
The processes developed by our technical division are deeply connected to our tradition of problem solver and make our team an active part of the customer’s production, far from being a simple supplier.

Towards excellence through the enhancement of human and technological resources

We aim to improve our offer by being a reliable partner for manufacturers working in national and international markets, in which a high level of expertise and quality is required.

We pursue this objective through the enhancement of human resources and the constant updating of the technologies used in production processes.