Rapid Prototyping

You can focus on the project, GBZ takes care of the prototype

Our rapid prototyping division has the sole objective of allowing your company to be quick and competitive in the acquisition of new projects, taking care of all the technical and production aspects.

Responding promptly and authoritatively, guaranteeing a production and quality process shared with your internal production.

Optimize production processes and increase margins

Increase performance and margins: this is our promise to our customers.

We have always ensured fast and sustainable production to support our customers in developing their markets.

From the first analysis to the optimization of production, right up to the delivery of the component ready for assembly: a constantly evolving line of value and quality to develop complex parts and processes that aim for greater competitiveness, sustainability and margins.

Production of small and medium batches

We provide active support in the management of our customers’ production requirements by ensuring that coded supply plans are adhered to and providing support for urgent or non-production activities.

Whether it is a single component or entire production batches, GBZ is at your side as an external division of your company.

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